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Glass Bongs. directs you to the best  glass bong and head shops on the internet.  All are reputable businesses with excellent worldwide delivery records.  Click on the links below and see some wicked  glass bongs or some cool smoking accessories. note that we don't condone the purchase of such  glass bongs or other bongs or pipes  if they may be illegal in your area.

Glass bongs and pipes are a favourite tool to smoke through.  Glass bongs cool and filter smoke and both glass bongs and glass pipes collect no smell and add no other taste to the smoke like acrylic bongs sometimes can. in the way people like their beer in a glass, many smokers prefer smoking through glass bongs and glass water pipes.

  Some glass bongs products that are stocked at the below stores  

Most of the stores selling glass bongs below offer online credit card facilities

Probably the best bong and pipe shop online with all sorts of smoking equipment  lots of cool glass bongs with some cool unique items like the future roller and bucket bong   UK bong shop with good range of glass  Bongs and other smoking equipment  

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Marijuana Vaporizer   wide range of marijuana pictures and pics of bongs too
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How do I choose a high-quality  glass bong or pipe? and retailer?

Thickness of the glass bong determines how long your glass bongs or pipes will last. Different blowers will use different grades or thicknesses of glass to blow their  glass bongs and glass pipes. Thicker glass means your pieces will last longer and be more resistant to drops. The above retailers are all established online  glass bong shops with  good delivery reviews. If you would like to make a comment to us about a particular store or a new one please drop us a line here. the best or strongest glass bongs are pirex glass.
If you find a good shop selling glass bongs or pipes let us know

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Bongs and Pipes disclaimer: This site does not encourage possession of bongs, pipes, ordering of pipes and bongs, or trafficking in bongs and pipes in any jurisdiction where the sale or use of bongs or pipes is illegal. Order any bongs, pipes, and smoking accessories at your own risk!

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