Superb Marijuana Vaporizer to help reduce the harmful affects of smoking!

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 The marijuana vaporizer

A new and efficient way to vaporize your favourite marijuana.

the original marijuana vaporizer is the number one vaporizer available online. check out the read below to find out more about the marijuana vaporizer!

Vaporize your herbs with a Vaporizer and reduce the harmful effects on your lungs and throat caused from smoking.

Why use the marijuana vaporizer? Although marijuana can be used effectively as medicine to relieve pain or for social reasons. Smoking can cause respiratory problems. Our vaporizer produces vapor which is far less harmful than smoke. The following study by the authority CANORML shows the advantages of vaporizing over traditional smoking methods.

Medical studies show heavy marijuana smokers have suffered severe bronchitis and respiratory infections. using  the Marijuana Vapourizer is an excellent way of reducing the irritating respiratory toxins in marijuana smoke. The vaporizer reduces the amount of tar you inhale. Their is quite a bit of tar in marijuana, tobacco and other herbs especially in Marijuana.

Also herbs are smoked on a recreational basis by millions of people across the world. These people can also take advantage of the benefits of a vaporizer.

The effect of vaporizing herbs is generally quite different to smoking. Some prefer the feeling of vaporizing and others prefer the feeling of smoking. Even if you prefer the feelings of smoking, it is very handy having a vaporizer. It can be used from time to time to reduce the harmful affects of smoking. For example if you have a sore throat and would like to consume your herbs. The vaporizer can be used and it should not irritate your throat. Or you may feel that your lungs are congested and need some improving, but you would like some herbs. Then vaporize your herbs and you should see improvements in your health. This is especially the case if you have a cold or the flu. The marijuana/herbs may help to reduce the severity of the symptoms caused by the cold. It may be just to painful to smoke when you throat is sore and lungs are conjested.

If you smoke marijuana and find that you are becoming tired and de motivated and you do not want to quit using marijuana. Try vaporizing your marijuana and you will get more a of a clean headed high buzz.

Like tobacco, marijuana smoke contains toxins that are known to be hazardous to the respiratory system. Among them are the highly carcinogenic polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, a prime suspect in cigarette-related cancers. These toxins are essentially a byproduct of combustion, separate from the pharmaceutically active components of marijuana, known as cannabinoids, which include THC. When you burn marijuana it produces quite a lot of tar. Pipes and joints generally do not have  proper filters. Bongs are not the answer, because you inhale concentrated smoke.

The marijuana vaporizer certainly reduces the level of tar. You will not have to worry about the harmful carcinogens your body is absorbing when you inhale marijuana smoke.

How to use  the Marijuana Vaporizer: You just cut up your herbs, marijuana bud to help increase its surface area. Then place the buds into the cup style bowl. Then adjust the temperature control switch to the desired temperature. Different vaporization temperature alters the affect of the herb.

Your herbs will be heated until the THC resins inside your buds gets hot enough to vaporize. The good chemicals held within the small resins on the plants actually vaporize out into a thin mist (vapor). The vapor starts to thicken as it gathers inside a clear glass dome. The vapor is now ready to be inhaled through a long tube. After your herbs or buds have been fully vaporized, you are left with just the black remains of the marijuana plant, with all the THC resin vaporized out. The remaining chaff is the waste product. Normally you would inhale this waste product in the form of smoke.

You still get all the active chemical ingredients out of you marijuana buds, but without all the harmful smoke. because your marijuana has been vaporized

When you burn herbs many harmful chemicals are created. Vaporizing your herbs reduces the number of harmful chemicals.

Think about how good you will feel when you can enjoy your pot without harming yourself with all the smoke and ash. You will no longer get hot rocks through your pipe or coughing fits.

Does Salvia Divinorum vaporize in a vaporizer? Salvia Divinorum has a vaporization temperature of approx 300 degrees Celsius. Our vaporizer has a maximum vaporization temperature of 300 degrees Celsius. So our vaporizer does vaporize Salvia. The vaporizer has a temperature range between 110 degrees Celsius and 300 degrees Celsius. Which means you can vaporize most herbs. Make sure the herbs that you consume are not toxic.

If after trying the Marijuana Vaporizer you are not satisfied, you can return it for a full refund

Herbal  Marijuana Vaporizer with adjustable temperature control and hand made glass base.